2-Person Scramble



per team


4.5 Hours of Sim time

Two 18-hole events played with you and your partner.

Scramble format

$235.00 Entry per team not person.

This event is separate from other forms of prepaid Time.

Should you want to use your prepaid time there is an entry Fee of $80.00 in house and we will deduct your time accordingly

1 bucket of 6 PBR included!


Events can be played from December 7th– December 31st

Entries can be submitted starting Wednesday December 1st. Deadline for entry is December26th.


Two-person scramble where both you and your partner will tee off. Select which ball you will use and continue from that shot. You will follow this format until you have completed the hole.

3 FT gimmie Length.

NO Mulligans: Exception for a negative spin shot is produced and must be approved by a staff member.

6 Tee shots must be used for you and your partner.

Play from the appropriate Tee boxes based on your handicap and gender.

This Event is open to everyone and will be 1 big event.
No Separate Divisions.


  • We will take both Players handicaps for a total. 40% of the total HDCP will be used as your combined HDCP (example: Player “A” has a handicap of 10, Player “B” is a 6 for a combined total of 16.0, 40% of this is 6.4 (combined HCP) – this number will be subtracted from both scores in each round.
  • This will be a solid number not relative to the course slope or rating. If these 2 players shoot 80 (-6.4 combined HCP) and 76 (-6.4 combined HCP) then they will get a score of 143.2.
  • Handicap must be verified by X Factor staff. Max for male is 30 and 40 for Female.
  • If you play in our Tour this is the handicap we will use.

Tee Boxes

Females: All Females will play the Red Tee box
Males: 9.1 and over will play Blue 9.0 will play Gold.
Note: Any players over the age of 60 years old will be permitted to play one tee box forward from their required tee box.


  • More entries the bigger the Pot. Top 3rd of all the teams will receive prizes.
  • $40 from each entry is put towards the prize pot. XFactor will match 50% of this total.
  • 30 teams + $1800.00 in prizes for the top 10 1st place receiving the biggest prizes.


We will be playing the most famous TPC stadium courses, Scottsdale, and Sawgrass. Two of our most popular courses and customer favorites for the Christmas season. Experience 2 exclusive courses to X Factor’s AG simulators.


Extended Rules

  • Should you need help producing a handicap we will assist in the process and use previous rounds at X factor to help.
  • Any tie breakers that may happen will result in a traditional countback.
  • Entries are none refundable and if you do not submit your score it will not be counted.
  • Your booking is for 4.5 Hours, and you can use them as you wish you may practice warm up play after your finished if you complete your two rounds in the 4.5 hours.
  • You Can split your time up if needed or you are wanting to play against another team during the same booking. Multiple entries are permitted if you want to play with different partners.
  • If you are just paying the sign-up fee of $80.00 your prepaid hours must be confirmed in house. Compensation hours from last years Covid stoppages are not accepted for this event.
  • Enjoy and have FUN!!
  • Any questions please email us at [email protected]