Whistling Straits
Ryder Cup
Spring Scramble


per team


4 Hours of Sim time

One 18-hole events played with you and your partners.

Scramble format

$299 Entry per team not person.

This event is separate from other forms of prepaid Time.

Sign up prior to April 1st to receive 10% OFF use promo code SPRINGSCRAMBLE

1 bucket of 6 PBR included!


Pebble Beach Scramble


Event can be played from March 21 – May 2, 2022

Event can not be booked April 9-10th

Deadline for entry is April 25th.


Four-person scramble where all players will tee off. Select which ball you will use and continue from that shot. You will follow this format until you have completed the hole.

3 FT gimmie Length.

NO Mulligans: Exception for a negative spin shot is produced and must be approved by a staff member.

3 Tee shots must be used for each player.

Play from the appropriate Tee boxes based on your handicap and gender.

This Event is open to everyone and will be 1 big event.
No Separate Divisions.


  • We will take all players handicaps for a total. 10% of the total Team HDCP will be used as your combined HDCP (example: Player “A” 10 HDCP, Player “B” 10 HDCP, Player “C” 14 HDCP,  Player “D” 2 HDCP, for a combined total of 22.0, 10% of this is 2.2 (combined HCP) – this number will be subtracted from the total score.
  • This will be a solid number not relative to the course slope or rating. It will not be rounded to prevent ties.
  • Handicap must be verified by X Factor staff. Max for male is 30 and 40 for Female.
  • If you play in our Tour this is the handicap we will use.

Tee Boxes

Females: All Females will play the Red Tee box
Males: 9.1 and over will play Blue 9.0 will play Gold.
Note: Any players over the age of 60 years old will be permitted to play one tee box forward from their required tee box.


  • More entries the bigger the Pot. Top 3rd of all the teams will receive prizes.
  • $60 from each entry is put towards the prize pot. XFactor will match 50% of this total.
  • 30 teams + $2700.00 in prizes for the top 10 – 1st place receiving the biggest prizes.


Whistling straits 2020 Ryder cup edition. Offering a great combination of stunning, lakeside beauty, wild, scruffy terrain and option-laden shot making opportunities that elevated Whistling Straits to one of the top Ryder Cup courses. Risks and rewards were beautifully presented and realized, hole after hole.

Extended Rules

  • Should you need help producing a handicap we will assist in the process and use previous rounds at X factor to help.
  • Any tie breakers that may happen will result in a traditional countback.
  • Entries are none refundable and if you do not submit your score it will not be counted.
  • Your booking is for 4 Hours, and you can use them as you wish you may practice, warm up, play after you’re finished if you complete your round in the 4 hours.
  • Event can not be booked April 9-10th
  • Enjoy and have FUN!!
  • Any questions please email us at [email protected]