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Amateur X-PASS


  • $35 hr sim time up to 60 hours for our 30-week season
  • 3 guest passes at $40 sim time.
  • 15% off in house regular priced F&B

Rules and Regulations

  • X Pass discounted time can only be used for the card holder’s time during any booking.
  • 30-week season running from October 9th, 2023, through April 31st, 2024
  • Hours can be used for all Tour and Scramble series events (time only) Event registration fees will apply.
  • X-pass and tracking will be kept in house, guest passes will be given to pass holder to distribute as they want.
  • Discounted rate is available for a Maximum of 60 hours. Renewal fees will be available should you reach your limit of 60 hours.
  • X-passes are nonrefundable no exceptions. 1 time transfer option should you have any unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from using your card for the remainder of the season. $35 admin fee will be applied at time of transfer.
  • Valid any day, includes weekends and holidays.
  • Time starts when you start. No exceptions